About Us

Our Story

Our society has suddenly become very dependent on electronics. According to several prognosticators, pretty much every single person will soon own or have access to a smart phone or a tablet. This is something that is very close to the heart at Beyond the Case. As a young company in the business of mobile accessories, we're proud to be able to present unique and innovative products.


We began our journey late in 2017 when we started working on our first case. Initially, the project was focused on finding the right balance between quality and design. Then we started to deal with practical issues, such as finding the right collaborators and materials. All in all, minimizing the hassle was a top priority. This ambition to always improve has become a natural part of our business, and we will never settle for just good enough.

Our way of working and our values

Everything we do is marked by the desire to go beyond expectations and dare to be different, no matter if we’re dealing with an idea or the final product. As an up and coming company, we try to be both responsive and engaged. No matter if we're dealing with corporate social responsibility, customer service or business relations, we make sure to make everyone satisfied. As a constantly growing company, we always look forward to both challenges and success.

Our philosophy regarding products

In a time when mobile units are a part of both our daily lives and our separate identities, it's only fair to expect much from our accessories. Products that don't live up to our standards often do more damage than good. That's why all our products are marked by an overall desire to do well. That's why we stand by all the products we offer.


We feel that packaging and product are both part of the overall impression. That's why we focus on providing packaging that shows how much we care. As far as material goes, we prioritize sustainability in order to minimize the environmental effect.


Follow us on our journey towards new and exciting accessories beyond expectations. After an emotional roller coaster, we're proud to be able to present our upcoming products. It's with great expectations that we look forward to challenges and great business and costumer opportunities.